FitKim’s 3 Secrets to Weight Loss

    Based on the number of emails that I get regularly on the topic, I want to take some time to really dive into the most common reasons people are not at a healthy weight, even when they’re trying. These are…

    Have a Plan

    If you look at the most successful people in your life, they have a plan! Watch this video to see how it is to put one together.   Like this post? Click here to see how you can get my…

    Find Your Why!

    Do you have anything in your life that you would like to change? How about losing a few pounds, having more energy or just feeling healthier? If so, watch my quick video on how to find your why so you…

    Veggie Power Bowl

    Finding ways to incorporate more fruits and veggies can sometimes be overwhelming, but have you ever made a salad or had one at a restaurant that was so delicious you didn't even realize how good it was for you? Well…

    Functional & Dynamic Kettlebell Workout

    Are you looking for a way to change up your workouts or add a bit more intensity? My favorite tool to utilize are kettlebells and by incorporating these dynamic exercises, you will be able to do just that! Save Save…

    Oatmeal Raisin Chia Seed Cookies

    We all know that we need to eat more Omega-3 Fatty Acids, but did you know one of the best ways to do this is to sneak them into everyday recipes? I like to add them to smoothies, oatmeal, salads…

    FitKim’s 2016 Gift Giving Guide

    When it comes to that time of serious gift giving such as the holidays, it can often be very difficult to come up with ideas for the perfect gift. Well I say by giving the gift of health, you can’t…

    5 Travel Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

    When the holidays hit, we usually find ourselves in a pretty good routine in regards to food and fitness. But then the traveling begins and we often just don't have access to dumbbells much less health clubs. So here are…

    10 Tips to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

    Maybe you’ve made some health-conscious decisions this past year, such as eating better or maintaining an active lifestyle. Even if you feel like you didn’t, here’s the thing: it’s perfectly okay. Life, much like yoga, should be considered a work-in-progress,…

    FitKim on Fox: The Day After Detox Diet

    During the holidays, many of us experience some type of weight gain, whether it be just a couple of pounds or even double digits. Instead of beating yourself up and feeling guilty about your choices, just follow The Day After…

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Crystal CoventryCrystal CoventryFitKim Customer
“I am a first time mom and I love having her as my mentor. She helped walk me through  which supplements to take during pregnancy and how to tweak my workouts to keep me and my baby fit in a safe and healthy way. I can't express enough how much she has helped me!”
Leslie WeissMalikLeslie WeissMalikFitKim Client
“I have 2 small children and I often need help on the fly. Kim will help me make the best decision and also know how to do better next time. Kim is like the google of nutrition information!”
Crystal DoyleCrystal DoyleFitKim Customer
"In a nutshell, FitKim helps me lead a healthier lifestyle and has shown me that it is possible, even being while being the mom  of four boys.”
Diana KnudsenDiana KnudsenFitKim Client
“The Dieting is over; the unhealthy relationship with food is over. I have started to really live for the first time in my life. She is my mentor and my friend……Thank you!”
Jenn SinasognJenn SinasognFitKim Customer
“My family’s health has changed dramatically because of everything you post. My daughter is always wanting to watch your YouTube videos. She says, ‘Mom, is that what FitKim would eat too?'”
LeeAnna McLemoreLeeAnna McLemoreFitKim Client
“When I started training with Kim, I was up to a size six and now I’m back in my pre-baby   jeans. I’ve tightened and toned, lost inches and pounds, and I feel unbelievable. Kim’s  given me just the right support and push I’ve needed. She’s remarkable.”


My name is Kimberly Olson, AKA FitKim, and I am on a mission to help all the super busy moms out there learn how to be super healthy!

I have become an expert on how to balance work, family, clean eating and exercise-and I want you to know it is possible for you as well!

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