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  • 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean


    Looking for a natural supplement to help you lose weight? Check out my review on the 100% Pure Green Coffee Bean (Pure Health & Genesis Today)!

    ~by Kimberly Olson



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  • How many do I take and when? I am 5′feet tall and 126lbs.

    • I would recommend taking 3 capsules daily.

      • Do you take 3 capsules all at once or do you spread them out throughout the day? If you take them all at once is it better to take them in the morning or evening?

        • Dr. Oz recommends taking one capsule (400mg) before each meal, but I’ve had clients do two before breakfast and then another one before either lunch and dinner and that works great!

  • Hi,
    I was wondering what would be the cleanse that one of your subcriber used with the coffee extract and where could I get it in Canada? Thanks

  • I have been using this for over three weeks and have lost 6lbs.

  • Is it safe to use Genesis Today 100% pure green coffee bean along with Genesis Today garcinia cambogia?

  • Jessica Carvalho

    Hi Kim ,
    I recently purchased the garcinia cambogia and have heard that rasberry ketones are also very good and now watching your green coffee bean videos I can see the benefits there as well. Can you take all 3 and is this too much? I have never taken any weight loss aid and was excited to hear about the garcinia .
    Would love to know your thoughts .

    • I was wondering about this as well. Does it decrease their effectiveness if you take them together? Is there a way to use 2 or 3 of these at the same time without them interfering with each other (ie: taking each at different times of the day or is it okay to take them together), or is it better to choose only one to use at a time?

      • Oh, you can definitely take them together-if they’re plant-based supplements they tend to work better together! I wouldn’t take all 3 at once of the green coffee bean, but you could take 2.

        • Thanks for your feedback. I am a little cautious though, to start taking supplements that affect your metabolism, or how your body burns fat or uses the food you are eating. Will your body become dependant on them? I have never taken anything like this before and I don’t want to mess up my body’s natural metabolism so that I will have to keep taking supplements in order to maintain a certain body weight.

          • If you don’t feel comfortable doing it, I would not recommend it at all. Your body intuitively will not be supportive and you most likely will not get results.

  • I’ve checked the consumer reviews for both the green coffee bean extract and the garcinia cambogia – both the Pure Health and Genesis brand and frankly the reviews are not too positive its a 50/50 hit or miss it seems – There are so, so many brands out there – Is there one that has better results?

    • Genesis Today is the #1 sold brand in all health foods across the U.S., including Whole Foods. These stores have the highest quality brands on the market, so keep that in mind. You will always see negative and positive reviews on everything. Look at the ingredients-that’s the most important. Thanks!

  • I purchased Garcinia Cambogia & Green Coffee Bean. Both,Genesis Today brand.

    May I take both and if so how would you recommend?
    -Thank you

  • I generally find info such as this a wee bit difficult to grasp, but what you’ve put together there is fairly clear. Thank you .

  • I got green coffee brand is doctor recommended… is this a good one to use?

  • Hey Kim!!

    Please let me know if this brand of Green Coffee Bean Extract is okay (please see link below). I noticed the ingredients are contained in a gelatin capsule – however its silica and cellulose free! Is that still okay?

    Thanks heaps!

  • I’m planning on combining it with Garcinia Cambogia :P

  • Hi Kim,
    I am 36 yrs. old, 170 lbs. How much green coffee bean should I take to aid in my weight loss. I want to lose 40 lbs.

  • Do you recommend the Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract OR the Genesis Today Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract with Svetol? What exactly does svetol do? and would it be safe to take with the GCBE with svetol along with the garcinia cambogia?

    • Hi! Either one is just great-the Svetol is a brand name of green coffee bean, that’s the only difference. And I actually recommend it is taken with Garcinia. Thanks!

  • hi Kim
    how much green coffee bean should i take?
    i weigh 183 lbs,5 ft 2 inches and im 43 yrs old
    should i take 800 mg in the morning , lunch and dinner?

  • Hi Kim,

    I am currently not happy with my weight because I feel like I am not in control of my body. I am 5’4 and 19 yrs old. I have always had a pretty steady body weight and it’s always been difficult to change (especially making it less). I ran cross country and track in high school and even after intense training every day only lost about 10 lbs even with a healthy nutritious diet. I just finished my first year in college and am back up to 130 when i weigh myself fist thing in the morning (after being around 123-125 depending on when i weighed myself). Of course I’m not exercising as much because I am now always studying as I go to an academically demanding university. but now i am working/volunteering full time for my future career since it is summer break. I do stand the whole time and am restraining animals and lifting as i work in vet clinics, so it is a physical job, most days I’m sweating (not heavily) the whole time I’m working. but i still am at 130, which is where i was when i finished school, even though I’ve increased fitness since then. From my job and runs a few times a week I’m active and eat healthy but I’m not getting anywhere and it’s left me depressed about my efforts. I thought i would give supplementation a try. i want to lose 5-10 pounds. i have a bottle of Purgreen brand coffee bean extract that contains 60 capsules and 800mg per capsule. the supplement facts label says serving size: 1 veggie capsule. proprietary GCBE-800 Extract 800mg – Green Coffee Bean Extract, GCA (less than 5% caffeine) (50% chlorogenic acids). I was wondering if this one is ok. I was thinking of combing in it with the garcinia too. but I’ve heard the raspberry key tone is good too??? In short I’m really confused on what to take, in what combo, how much to take, and when to take it. If you could give me detailed help I would really appreciate it.


    PS so sorry about the lengthy message

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