How Kinesio Taping Helped Me Overcome an Injury

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TapingIf you’ve followed me over the last few years, you’ve probably figured out I’m very dedicated to an active lifestyle. A really big part of this is obviously sticking to a fitness program. However, an injury really can stop you in your tracks so overtime I’ve found different ways to actively prevent them in the first place (ie: stretching, foam rolling, massage or chiropractic care) and then what to do if I actually do get injured.

Most recently, while I was finishing up 9 weeks straight of Tribe Fit, I realized I had developed an overuse injury and needed to find a quick solution. I’d seen one of our massage therapists at BodyBusiness taping various clients in the lobby several times and for some reason my gut instinct was to try it. Luckily she was able to squeeze me in because it totally did the trick and got me back on track!

Kinesio taping helps in three different ways (in FitKim terms):

  • It sends signals to the brain to tell it that the area of pain needs some additional support
  • It creates space between the muscles to encourage additional blood flow
  • It inhibits pain receptors from being activated

So the next time you experience an injury, give kinesio taping a try and see what it can do for you!

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