Do Affirmations Really Work?

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    Banana Cinnamon Muesli

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    How to Plan Your Meals

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    Spring into Fitness

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    Veggie Egg Scramble

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Crystal Coventry
“I am a first time mom and I love having her as my mentor. She helped walk me through  which supplements to take during pregnancy and how to tweak my workouts to keep me and my baby fit in a safe and healthy way. I can't express enough how much she has helped me!”
~Crystal Coventry
FitKim Customer
Leslie WeissMalik
“I have 2 small children and I often need help on the fly. Kim will help me make the best decision and also know how to do better next time. Kim is like the google of nutrition information!”
~Leslie WeissMalik
FitKim Client
Crystal Doyle
"In a nutshell, FitKim helps me lead a healthier lifestyle and has shown me that it is possible, even being while being the mom  of four boys.”
~Crystal Doyle
FitKim Customer
Diana Knudsen
“The Dieting is over; the unhealthy relationship with food is over. I have started to really live for the first time in my life. She is my mentor and my friend……Thank you!”
~Diana Knudsen
FitKim Client
Jenn Sinasogn
“My family’s health has changed dramatically because of everything you post. My daughter is always wanting to watch your YouTube videos. She says, ‘Mom, is that what FitKim would eat too?'”
~Jenn Sinasogn
FitKim Customer
LeeAnna McLemore
“When I started training with Kim, I was up to a size six and now I’m back in my pre-baby   jeans. I’ve tightened and toned, lost inches and pounds, and I feel unbelievable. Kim’s  given me just the right support and push I’ve needed. She’s remarkable.”
~LeeAnna McLemore
FitKim Client


My name is Kimberly Olson, AKA FitKim, and I am on a mission to help all the super busy moms out there learn how to be super healthy!

I have become an expert on how to balance work, family, clean eating and exercise-and I want you to know it is possible for you as well!

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