KISS: How to Eat Healthy in a Confusing World

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BananasWhen it comes to adopting a healthy lifestyle, I find that most people are confused as to where to start or what is actually good for them. We are told fat is bad for us and the next thing you know we find out healthy fats are good for us.  It makes sense that fruits and veggies contribute to overall health, but what about all those pesticides sprayed on them? And hearing how so many are going gluten free…what does that even mean?

I completely understand your frustration. I find myself getting caught up in the chaos sometimes too. This really dawned on me when I was doing a TV segment in Dallas and one of the staff members grabbed me before I headed out the door hurriedly saying, “What about bananas, are those bad for me?” In this moment I realized that we have completely gotten so far away from natural whole foods that people don’t even know what’s okay to eat.

Follow my rule of thumb: Keep it Simple. If something is found in nature in its whole form, great, that is ideal. If you have a choice between organic and conventional, choose organic when you can. Choose foods that don’t have more than one ingredient; what a simple guideline to follow as you navigate the grocery store! Cook at home as much as you can, that way you can control the ingredients and know what’s in your food. By using common sense, you will be able to make positive decisions confidently.