Natural Remedies for Fevers

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How to Treat a Fever NaturallyHaving little ones can be overwhelming in itself, but I have to say the most scary part for me as a new mom has been when Addison has had a fever. Even with my background in natural health, and knowing that fevers are a good thing as the body is arming up to combat the intruding virus or bacteria, I still get scared when it happens. I’ve been told to alternate Tylenol and Motrin as they do different things, but to me that is suppressing the immune system when it is needed most. I just know in my heart that is not the answer.

I do like the let alone approach which basically says give it a day or two and see if the body, on its own, can overcome the illness and bring down the fever. However, beyond that, or if the fever increases quickly, trying natural remedies seems like a good idea to me! What has worked for me several times, and luckily we haven’t had too many fevers thus far, is just rubbing peppermint oil on the spine and bottoms of the feet. Just a drop or two. I did have quite the scare where her temp went from normal to 102 in just a few hours, but after applying the peppermint oil and letting her sleep for an hour, her temperature starting dropping. The main thing is to do what’s comfortable for you!

Here is a great post on how to treat fevers naturally, and I really like how the doctor says to watch your child, not the number on the thermometer. That really helped keep me be calm when it happened so quickly!

What has worked for you?

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