Spring Clean Your Health

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spring clean your healthJust today one of my closest friends was telling me how great it felt to finally spring clean her house, throw away some old unused items and finally get things organized. Isn’t it interesting that we’ll spend an entire weekend cleaning our house, sprucing up the lawn and getting our finances in order, but we sometimes can’t even find five minutes in the morning to throw a healthy breakfast together?
Why not use this time of renewal to spring clean your health? Find out where you’re at and put a plan together to clean things up. Instead of wondering how you can finally feel better, get to the nitty gritty details. What areas of your health need to be cleaned up? What’s working for you right now? To get started, I suggest going on RealAge.com to find out what your age really is-not your biological age! Use that as your starting point and see how you improve. My real age is 22, what’s yours?

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