Spring into Fitness

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Spring into Fitness-for FitKimWith warmer weather finally here, we excitedly open our windows for the first time in months. We hear the birds chirping, see flowers blooming and are immersed in the sense of newness spring offers us. A chance for a fresh start is in the air, and this is your opportunity to spring into fitness!

Instead of joining a gym and spending even more time indoors, I challenge you to take it outside. Being outside fills our lungs with fresh air and that glorious sunshine boosts our moods. Better yet, outdoor workouts can be done anywhere and are typically very cost effective. Here are my top five favorite ways to take it outside.

BootCamps. Over the last few years, bootcamps have become all the rage, and for good reason. Think of them as an amped up version of traditional group exercise classes. Usually taking place outdoors, bootcamps often incorporate functional movement exercises that mimic every day activities. With every workout being a bit different, this style of training keeps your body constantly guessing and forces it to improve quickly. Check out Meetup.com or go on Groupon for intro packages near you.

5Ks. I completed my very first 5K at Stoney Creek Park in Shelby Twp. when I was 24, actually placing in my age group! I’d never been a fast runner in school and the sense of accomplishment when I crossed that finish line was exhilarating. Even if you’ve never ran a day in your life, check out a Couch to 5K program online. Over the course of nine weeks, the program literally trains you to go from being completely sedentary to running 3.1 miles! Imagine how awesome you would feel? Find a friend and train together for you first one.

Playgrounds. You probably didn’t see this one coming, but playgrounds are one of my favorite places to get a workout in. When traveling around the country, I love to find the nearest park and see what it has to offer. Beyond jogging trails, I love to see how I can turn a park into my playground. By using playground equipment in a unique way, I’m able to get in a fun, full-body strength training session while having a blast. Get your kids involved too; they will love it!

Get in Nature. With our fast-paced schedules and always being on the go, we tend to wish we could spend more time in nature. Why not turn that longing into reality by incorporating physical activity and nature together? Try kayaking, hiking, mountain biking or anything else you’ve been wanting to do. Not only will this positively impact your overall sense of well-being, your waistline will benefit as well.

Join the Team. Once we graduate from high school or college, we rarely give consideration to being part of an organized sport. However, being part of a recreational team is a fabulous way to get in a routine of regular physical activity. With others expecting you to be there, there is a natural dynamic of accountability. This is a super important tool when it comes to making fitness a habit. Consider any organized sport such as softball, soccer, beach volleyball or any others that look like fun to you. Who knows, you might make a few new friends along the way!

With summer right around the corner, let’s take advantage of this beautiful weather and get our bodies in shape. With a little creativity and commitment, shopping for a cute new bathing suit will be on the top of your list. Spring into fitness to make this your best summer yet!  

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