The Candida Cleanse

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Our modern diet and lifestyle leave us susceptible to candida overgrowth. Candida is a form of yeast considered as one of the common causes of fungal infection. We have small amounts of this microorganism in the mouth and intestines; however its proliferation can adversely affect our health because of its toxic byproducts. 

the candidate cleanse 2The main causes of candida overgrowth are consumption of a high sugar diet, too much stress and antibiotic treatment. This illness may sometimes go unnoticed and misdiagnosed. Its usual symptoms include fatigue, yeast infection, headache, digestive problems and sugar cravings. So if you have these symptoms or if you are diagnosed with candida, you might want to consider following a candida cleanse. 

Specially designed to eliminate and impede the growth candida, a candida cleanse recommends eating only raw salads and steamed vegetables flavored with herbs and spices, while drinking adequate amounts of water and some detox beverages for a few days. The idea behind it is to eliminate as much candida as possible before moving on to the next step. This is only the first stage of Candida diet regimen, but you’ll surely feel rejuvenated, light and healthier after the cleanse!

15 Day Detox Diet Cover-3D small for webIf that seems too intense for you, which I completely understand, try my 15 Day Detox instead. I honestly use this time and time again with clients and get great results.

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