The Fab on Farmers Markets

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The Fab on Farmers Markets

Look at this Basil Plant!

I vividly remember my first adventure to a Farmers Market. I had bought my first home in a subdivision outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan-very close to many local farmers. With a quick Google search, I discovered a Farmers Market was held every Saturday just a mile down the road. I swung by an ATM to grab some cash and excitedly discovered the fab on Farmers Markets.

If you’ve never been to a Farmers Market, the purity and closeness to nature is spectacular. It’s one thing to browse through the produce section at the grocery store and quite another to see the farmer and his family face-to-face. Imagine seeing imperfect fruits and vegetables with dirt still on them, knowing they were possibly gathered that morning or the day before from the farm. Now that’s what I call fresh!

Another fabulous thing about Farmers Markets is the natural methods the farmers use. They clearly disclose whether their food is free of pesticides, hormones and other chemicals. If you are not sure, you can ask them any question you want. Instantly you can tell the pride they have for the work they do because they happily give a knowledgeable answer and usually add a little bonus along with it.

I think a common misconception about buying local is that it is more expensive. I agree that some things are, but they come free of toxins and other harmful substances. However, I can find the majority of fruits and vegetables at a lower price. I usually bring a $20 bill with me and often walk away with bags full of romaine, spinach, arugula, berries, potatoes, peaches, squash and other goodies. This past weekend, I got a huge basil plant for $5 and I usually spend $2.50 each week on basil at the grocery store! Try it and see how far your money can goJ.

The best part about Farmers Markets is the atmosphere. You find yourself among other health seekers and know you are positively supporting local businesses. Don’t be surprised if you leave with information on a free weekly Yoga class or an upcoming health event. You never know what you may discover.

Now that we live in Austin, Farmers Markets are so prevalent that they even have a permanent Farmers Market store! They are becoming pretty mainstream so you should be able to find one no matter where you live. So go ahead and check one out-you will be doing something good for not only yourself, but also for the community that you live in.

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~by Kimberly Olson

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