The Importance of Iodine

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I had a hair analysis done many years ago and the results showed that my thyroid was performing a little sub par and I had slight adrenal fatigue. If you know my travel/work schedule, you may understand why this was not surprising. To heal my adrenal glands, I worked on extra sleep for almost a year and supplemented with Gaia’s Stress Response (amazing company!). Now onto the thyroid!

It’s estimated that 20 million Americans have thyroid disease and almost all of them are on medication. When your medication mimics your hormones (such as birth control), then your body doesn’t produce its own properly. I am not a fan of this method and I believe all thyroid concerns can be corrected with supplements and diet. So I did some research and decided to go the iodine route. Of course check with your doctor:).

the importance of iodineMostly found in the thyroid gland, iodine supports the synthesis of thyroid hormones which helps regulate metabolism. Its effect on the metabolic processes allows the body to utilize calories efficiently thus preventing fat build-up and keeping energy at optimum levels. The development of healthy skin, teeth and hair, and better cognitive function are also influenced by iodine. On the other hand, deficiency in iodine can lead to goiter, reproductive problems, child retardation and certain types of cancer.
Iodine performs vital function in growth and development, as well as in removing both chemical and biological toxins in the body. Its anti-bacterial quality prevents bacterial infection in the stomach caused by H. Pylori. Similarly, iodine scavenges free radicals and stimulates the action of antioxidants. This, in turn, strengthens the immune system and protects against heart disease and cancer. Some studies also show that iodine has inherent anti-carcinogenic properties that shrink or initiate apoptosis (cell death) in cancer cells.
Aside from consulting with your doctor, you can do an iodine patch test at home to easily determine if your body has enough iodine. This is a liquid version to do the test and this is the iodine I still take it to this day!

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