The Natural Citizen is the New Little Black Dress

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photo by @southerncoffeelover

I am so pumped to share my latest discovery with you-The Natural Citizen‘s line of whole food smoothie boosters! I’m continually researching and educating myself about what’s in our food and supplements, and I’m constantly disappointed with what’s currently on the market. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve made tremendous progress over the last few years, but I was really searching for that Little Black Dress in regards to the greens and protein powders I always add to my smoothies every day and just not finding it.

What do I mean by Little Black Dress? You know when you go to the mall or to a boutique store and all you want is a simple black dress or a plain pencil skirt or (fill in the blank!) and there is everything there but that? Way too much bling and not enough simplicity. That’s how I feel about the supplements out there until I looked at the ingredients of The Natural Citizen line.

They have four different blends (Protein/Greens/Energy/Digestion) and each of them has only FOUR ingredients! Go look in your pantry right now and see how many ingredients are in the products you currently own. I was taking a greens product a couple of years ago that had over 75 ingredients in one scoop. Think about it, how much of each plant are you really getting and, even beyond  that, how hard would it be for the company to ensure that all 75 ingredients were organically grown, ethically sourced, really gluten free, etc.?

I contacted The Natural Citizen and told them how much I love their products and they agreed to let me offer my readers a $10 coupon! Just enter the promo code FITKIM at checkout and that’s it. Also, you can check out their amazing recipes here and I can tell you personally that Addison loves the taste of them so this is a great idea to incorporate for your kids too!

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