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The Woeful Tale of a Health Conscious Mama

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I completely understand how challenging it can be to not only stick to a healthy lifestyle, but to actually find products and recipe ingredients that are truly good for you. I must share what recently happened to me so you know that you’re not alone, and what you can do to make the best choices for you and your family.

3 Tips to Stay Healthy this SummerEvery couple of months, we make big batches of baby food for Addison which comes in handy because she travels so much with me. We put them in those reusable pouches and they are honestly the best thing ever invented! And thank goodness my husband is so wonderful because he helps me with our “assembly line” and it is much quicker to knock out with two people.

Anyway, as we were working away in the kitchen yesterday, I was standing near the dishwasher filling some of the pouches with applesauce. And all of a sudden, I could smell bleach. Because I’m pregnant, my senses are naturally heightened to smells so I knew I wasn’t imaging it. I told Scott I smelled it and we tried to figure out where in the world it would be coming from. I used to work for a commercial cleaning company and bleach is useless and toxic so I knew we didn’t have any in our house. Then it hit us-the dishwasher was running!

So he pulled out the dishwasher detergent to see what the ingredients were and, sure enough, it contained chlorine bleach. I couldn’t believe it. Now I have to admit that I got sucked into Amazon’s Prime Pantry box one month and needed one more household item to complete the box and get the discount. So when I saw Palmolive’s eco and phosphate free detergent, I thought-perfect! The label does look really innocent. But I didn’t double check to make sure it was truly safe and I bet you’ve done the same thing.

So needless to say, that will not be in our house any longer and I’ll stick with my beloved Seventh Generation. But of course the point of my story is that it happens, we’re all human, just doing the best we can and trying to do what’s right for our families. If I’m unsure of the company, I like to just type in the name on to get an idea of how clean their products are. Or you can always ask me:)!

Has anything like this happened to you before?

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