4 easy ways to Get your Greens!

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Did you know the average American is only getting 1-2 servings of fruits AND veggies daily and we’re supposed to get at least 5-13?? This video will show you 4 different ways to get your greens so you can easily hit that number every day!

  • Get the Genesis Today Detox Greens here
  • This is my Green Smoothie Remix Recipe
  • The Thrive Greens can be found here and they also have an 8 week premium lifestyle plan you can check out! They’re on Facebook at Level Brands
  • This is one of the Amazing Grass Greens but remember they have lots of flavored ones too
  • Nutrasumma has these Greens but I’m also in love with their protein powder (use promo code FitKim1 to get 20% off!)


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