Don’t Be Afraid

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don't be afraidWhen did we stop giving ourselves permission to take care of ourselves? In Arianna Huffington’s fabulous book, Thrive, I came to realize how out of balance we have gotten, especially busy moms. Have you ever wanted to go hide in the bathroom just so you could get a couple minutes alone without someone needing something from you?

Most of our day is filled with everyone else’s to-do lists, and by the time we work our way through it, we’re exhausted, it’s late, and we choose to watch reality TV and visit the pantry repeatedly until bed time. We go to bed way too late and wake up to start it all over again.

It takes bravery to make the commitment to change things and take care of ourselves. It takes bravery to change our perspective on what “has-to” be done versus what really needs to be done. It takes bravery to put ourselves first.

My theory is that if we really did put ourselves first, we would truly be better to everyone around us, including that woman in the mirror. Are you willing to be brave?

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