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Eliminating Toxins through Exercise

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Toxins are all around us – from the environment we live in, the air we breathe and even from the food we eat. No wonder our body is highly prone to toxin build up!  Accumulated toxic compounds within the body can hamper our metabolism, weaken our immune system and ultimately make us vulnerable to diseases. Needless to say, we have to get rid of these toxins!
But how can we flush out toxins from our system? One way is through exercise. Most of us are familiar with how exercise can keep us fit, but we rarely hear about how it aids in our body’s natural detoxification process. Exercise helps eliminate unwanted substances in the body through different mechanisms.
Here are some ways by which exercise detoxifies:
Fitting in Fitness1. Exercise hastens natural detoxification. Our body has its means to protect itself from toxins, and exercise boosts its ability to eliminate these substances.  Exercise fuels blood circulation allowing nutrients to be transported throughout the body. This, in turn, nourishes the muscles and organs that work efficiently to support the elimination process.
Naturally, when you exercise, you breathe deeply and increase your oxygen uptake. Adequate oxygen promotes proper cell function, allowing the body to get rid of toxins smoothly. At the same time, exercising lets you exhale more carbon dioxide and produce sweat which also releases toxins.
2. Exercise stimulates the function of the lymphatic system. As you exercise, you also activate the lymphatic system which serves as drainage for easier removal of toxins. Lymphatic fluids circulate around the body in the same manner as blood, carrying with them toxins and other waste products needed to be expelled off the system.
3. Exercise burns fat. Toxins and other waste products are stored in the fat cells. These substances make your body fat unusable and toxic. We all know that exercise helps us lose weight and reduce extra fat. But other than that, as you burn fat, you also reduce stored toxins in your system.
Exercise really does wonders to our body. So choose the type of exercise that fits your needs, preferences and lifestyle. Try to engage in sports, workouts or even simple exercises like walking, jogging, bicycling and jumping rope. Here is part 1 of my 3 part Fall Fitness Workout Series to get you started!!

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