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Why I don’t use the Microwave

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If you grew up in the 80’s & 90’s, like I did, then you know that the microwave was just about the best invention ever created for families across America. My brother and I were experts at cooking hot dogs (yeah-I know, it’s true), cheese sandwiches and every TV dinner imaginable within minutes in our coveted microwave. This convenience option continues today for almost everyone reading this. Let me share why I do not use the microwave.

why I don't use a microwaveRadiation. I think we can all agree that radiation is not a good thing, but it has become so prevalent these days that I don’t think we give it a second thought. Although we’re only exposed to small amounts (even via consuming microwaved food), radiation has a half life of 30+ years which means it stays within your cells unless you specifically detox it out. No thanks. And not to mention, okay-I’ll mention it, think about the toxic by-products of cooking your food at such a high temp in a plastic covered container?

Denatures the Nutrients. You have to wonder how a microwave can heat up your food in less than a minute in most cases. Well to do this, the food molecules become altered (denatured) in the process and the nutrient content is lessened and many times destroyed. For what is left, it has been altered, so your body can perceive this as a foreign body and create an inflammatory response to the food. I believe 100% this is now an epidemic and the precursor of all major diseases.

Food becomes Dead. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other amazing nutrients are destroyed when heated to high temperatures. For example, in breast milk, if put in a microwave, almost 50% of the B12 can be destroyed. This is not a good thing. I prefer to cook my food more gently on the stove top and this is even how I reheat food (or just let it come to room temperature).

I totally understand the convenience and ease of using a microwave-remember, I am a busy mom just like you and travel quite a bit. But when it comes to nourishing our body with food, why in the world wouldn’t we do what we can to optimize the benefits and live as optimal as possible?

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