embrace the common cold

Embrace the Common Cold

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I know you are probably thinking this is the craziest concept ever, but I’d like to ask you to keep an open mind for a minute while I explain my unique viewpoint on the common cold. When we come down with a cold and experience the unpleasant symptoms of a scratchy throat, running nose, a cough and even a fever, we usually run to the nearest drug store embrace the common coldand stock up on over-the-counter cold and flu meds. We do everything we can think of to stop all of these horrible side effects without realizing what’s really going on in our own bodies.
What’s really going on is that your body is responding to foreign invaders that have flooded your body to some degree. In order to get them out of your body, it has developed several strategies to do just that. For example, if you got a small fly in your nose, you would quickly sneeze it out. Well the same thing goes for a cold-all that coughing and blowing of the nose is basically the body’s attempt to get the bad stuff out. And even with a fever, that causes increased activity in the body so it can be at its best to fight off the intruder.
Although it’s not fun to have a cold, knowing that everything happening to you is your body’s way to defend you can at least make it a little more bearable. Hopefully:)

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