Everyone Can Learn to Cook

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Everyone Can Learn to CookWhen I was in my early 20’s, the big joke around my family was that I couldn’t even boil water properly to make pasta! Over the next several years, I began cooking when I decided to learn how to finally eat healthy. I definitely screwed up my share of recipes, but the majority turned out pretty good and I even managed a few masterpieces. And you can too. I find a lot of people that struggle with eating healthy consistently do not know how to cook. When I say cook, I mean be able to bake chicken and fish, put together a simple salad, and also make a healthy breakfast such as an omelet or power smoothie. The crazy thing is, none of these meals are in the least bit difficult. It just seems intimidating because you have never done it repeatedly. Every time you cook, you get a little bit better. Think about working out-the first time you picked up a dumbbell or stepped into a gym, did you already know every exercise needed to shape your body the way you wanted it? No way! It takes experimentation and trying new things, and the same thing goes with cooking. For 2015, I hope that everyone reading this embraces healthy cooking. I am excited to continue to share many more recipes throughout the year to help you along the way. In the meantime, check out my Recipes tab at the top to get you started!

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~by Kimberly Olson

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