Every Passing Moment is a Chance to Turn it All Around

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it doesnt matter if itBefore I was able to make a permanent change to a healthy lifestyle, I was constantly falling off the wagon and promising to get back on track on “Monday.” Can you relate? I often hear from clients that one bad meal over the weekend triggers an abandonment to their clean eating efforts, and they tell themselves they should start fresh the next week. There is this sense that we need a new week or a kitchen full of healthy groceries to recommit ourselves to eating correctly and working out. I’m not sure why we feel this way, but I want to encourage you to try a different strategy.

All day long, we are faced with decision after decision, on average 35,000 each day! If you find you have made a decision that doesn’t sit well with you or you instantly regret it, I don’t want you to throw in the towel. For example, let’s say it’s Wednesday afternoon, and you’ve been eating great all week and you have already worked out twice. You find yourself a bit stressed at work and decide to eat a few chocolate chip cookies in the break room and grab a diet soda. After the high has worn off, now you feel tired and really bad about your decisions. You’ve been working so hard and now you just blew it! And here’s where I want to jump in and redirect your thinking. Instead of throwing in the towel and beating yourself up, I want you to make sure the next decision you make in regards to eating or working out is super positive. In this situation, you could eat a healthy and light dinner and be right back on track. You’ll feel so much better and have the energy to stay committed to your goals. See the difference there? Instead of ruining the rest of your week, you had a minor hiccup, and you will feel so much momentum going into the next week. That is so fantastic and you’ve grown as a person as well.

To put this into practice, I would suggest either writing it down or calling a friend when you hit a similar obstacle this coming week. Just acknowledge what happened and make a plan to get back on track right away. After you get the hang of this, you will no longer beat yourself up if you don’t eat perfectly or if you miss a workout. You will actually be able to enjoy the delicious treat you’ve given yourself or permission to relax for a day. This completely changes the way we treat ourselves and positively impacts our self-esteem. So give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Have an amazing week!

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~by Kimberly Olson

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