How to get a Sunny Mood with Vitamin D

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sunny moodWhen I lived in Michigan, I noticed that I would be kinda down each year come February. If you’ve met me before or watched my videos, you know I am definitely more on the upbeat and energetic side so this was out of character for me. Once I did a little digging, I found out that many people are affected by the lack of sun in the winter time. The constant grey sky can make anyone feel blue after awhile, but what is most impactful is the low level of Vitamin D we have in our bodies. 

Most current stats say about two thirds of us are Vitamin D deficient and this is higher if you live pretty north of the equator or are elderly. Interestingly enough, the only supplement I was told to start Addison and Elise on when they were born was Vitamin D. I just read that as many as 1 out of 5 (yes, 1 out of 5) men and women will get skin cancer if they live to the age of 65. I know many of us have become completely afraid of getting our Vitamin D from the sun. I do like to enjoy about 20 minutes daily but beyond that I do use sunscreen to be safe. The best way to get adequate Vitamin D is from supplementing in my opinion.

For kids, my favorite brand is Nutra Summa’s Vitamin D3 spray because it tastes good and they don’t put a bunch of bad stuff in it. They have an adult one too.

If you’re looking for something to support your overall outlook, I have tried Sunny Mood by Irwin Naturals and it can definitely do just that. It is especially useful when you are dealing with occasional depression, stress, anxiety and mental fatigue, but it can also be taken for health maintenance.

As of late, I’ve become a really big fan of Designs for Health because they have every supplement you could imagine and the company is legit as far as offering clean ingredients and high quality supplements. Here is their Vitamin D supplement.

So instead of dreading the winter time or feeling blue come spring, try to get a little more D in your life and see how your mood responds!


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