Is Cryotherapy the New Craze?

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Let’s face it, there is always going to be some new and exciting thing to try to help us lose weight or achieve better health results. Most recently I started seeing a media buzz around Cryotherapy so I did a little research.

cryotherapyBasically you get in a chamber that releases liquid nitrogen and this drops your core temperature 30-50 degrees, sending signals to the body to scan its regulatory systems. Supposedly you are only breathing the air in the room but that doesn’t sit well with me. It’s sort of similar to how the airport agents tell you the body scan has minimal radiation affect and not to worry. Ummm… no thanks.

I know there are benefits to exposing the body to really cold temperatures, so I’d recommend taking a really cold shower once a week to get similar benefits. Since the jury is still out on any negative side effects, I think this is more of a craze than an actual therapy. Who knows, I could be wrong:)

Have you tried cryotherapy?

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