Let the Body Heal Itself

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Let the Body Heal ItselfI love all of the coincidences in life that seem accidental but are really not at all. Have you ever been in a difficult situation or dilemma and later realized it was meant to be? If we take the time to reflect on life’s experiences, we will see that there is a lesson to be learned in each and everyone one of them.

One of my co-workers was organizing her workspace and told me she had Midol if I ever needed it. I said thanks without thinking much about it, as I haven’t taken Midol in many, many years. Later that week, I woke up with cramps and knew without a doubt it was that time of the month. The crazy thing was I never have any symptoms anymore because of my diet and the regular exercise I get. However, an elbow injury has forced me to take it easy and back off my regular exercise regimen the past couple of weeks. Hence, the cramps. Gotta love being a woman!

I decided to ask my friend what she recommended because she is as all-natural as it gets. She suggested chamomile or ginger tea and a heating pad. Since I was already headed out the door for work, I had to forgo her suggestion. By the time I got to work, the Houston heat was around 86 degrees so tea was definitely out of the question. What was a girl to do?

As I sat there contemplating it, it dawned on me-get moving! Exercise was the best solution thus far in staving off painful symptoms, so why wouldn’t it work now? I grabbed my iPod and hit the trails for a quick two mile run. With those first few steps, my mind was instantly taken off my current dilemma and into the joyful experience of being outside and working up a sweat. By the time I returned, my cramps were long gone.

So what lesson did I learn from this life experience? I need to remember to let my body heal itself. It is already miraculously equipped with everything it needs to bring the body back into balance. So the next time you feel stressed, get some extra sleep. Or if you’re tired mid-afternoon, drink a big glass of water or stretch your legs. It is so amazing to think of all of the various ways we can naturally take care of ourselves and truly let our bodies heal themselves.

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~by Kimberly Olson

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