Making Fitness a Lifestyle

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Becoming fit and healthy is now a trend. And of course, many people wouldn’t want to be left out – they joined the craze to be in good shape. However, a very small percentage of those who have tried doing exercise routines actually succeed. Reasons for quitting vary depending on the individual. Some common reasons are having no time, personal Making fitness a lifestyleproblems, and just mere lack of motivation. Before starting an exercise program, you have to understand that fitness demands a holistic approach, so you have to combine healthy diet with proper exercise. Likewise, achieving and maintaining fitness is an ongoing process. No magic formula can provide a quick fix, and bear in mind that anything worth having requires determination, hard work and patience!
You have to set specific goals, focus on it, and be committed. Do not set unrealistic goals as it will just make you frustrated and discouraged. Try to come up with short-term and long-term goals. Achieving one goal at a time will surely motivate you to keep on going. Include regular exercise in your schedule together with your usual activities. There is no such a thing as “no time,” it is just a matter of priorities. Time is usually devoted to the things that an individual prioritizes like work and family, but once you decide that you want to be fit and healthy, you have to include it in your priority list and allot time for it. 
Sometimes it may be hard to exercise on your own, so you may consider hiring a trainer. Your trainer will guide you in doing exercise routines. Though he/she can suggest the exercises suitable for your goals, you can always choose the activities you like.  You are most likely to succeed if you do something that you truly enjoy. And for extra support, you can bring a fitness buddy. Choose someone who shares the same passion and is also serious about getting fit and healthy. They should motivate and encourage you to achieve your fitness goals.
Try to exercise regularly and make it a habit. Sure enough, it will naturally be infused into your lifestyle! 

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If you are the type of person who takes challenges as motivation, you might want to try Fitocracy as your partner in reaching your fitness goals. Fitocracy is a social network that works like a video game with you as the main character. As you advance to the next fitness level, you will receive special badges as rewards. And much like Facebook and Twitter, Fitocracy connects you to people who share the same interests and lets you post fitness updates including photos. You can also input your activity details and monitor your fitness journey on this site. Give it a try!

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