Spring Cleaning the Body: Part 1

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With spring rolling in, we are blessed with the opportunity to open our windows and smell the roses. We eagerly spend our nights and weekends cleaning every nook and cranny, donating unworn clothes to Goodwill, and putting a fresh coat of paint on rooms needing a makeover. But when it comes to our bodies and our health, we rarely have this perspective. We don’t think to ourselves, “It’s time to cleanse my body and give it a makeover!” But we should. And I’m going to share with you how and why to do just that!

Everyone has heard of cleansing and detoxing, and many people find it obscure and intimidating. What I would like to do is share with you what I have learned in bite-sized pieces and recommend different ways to cleanse along the way.

Cleansing is critical to healing-it basically assists the body in undoing the wrongs of the past. What really helped me understand the need was imagining any processed food, such as pizza or bagels, lodging small particles of themselves onto my intestinal walls. Gross! What cleansing can do is sweep those old food particles out of the body and refresh the digestive system. This leads to better absorption of nutrients and improved digestion. Finding the proper way to cleanse is very important because a lot of cleansing products on the market overstimulate the body and cause more harm than good.

The key to a good quality cleanser is it should be natural and gentle. The goal of the product is to assist the body to cleanse itself-the product is not actually doing the cleansing. Our bodies are so amazing-they have all the tools necessary to bring the body into balance. But sometimes, with our intense lifestyles and harsh environments, we need a little help. That’s where the cleanse comes in.

My favorite way to cleanse daily is to start the day off right with a lemon and fiber cleanse. The lemon purifies the body from the choices from the day before, and the fiber stimulates proper digestion and elimination. Upon rising, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water and mix in one heaping scoop of fiber. Make sure you choose a high quality fiber-that is super important! Stir it up and drink it before you eat breakfast or have your morning coffee.

It’s crazy, but we really have to realize how much build up we create in our bodies and find ways to refresh and rejuvenate. Most of the time, illnesses and bothersome ailments are a result of our bodies needing some support. Try cleansing and see how your body responds. I bet you will be amazed at the results!

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~by Kimberly Olson

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