Sweat over Starbucks?

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I look back on certain decisions I’ve made and realize that these defining moments have had more of an impact on my life than I could ever imagine. With the average person making about 35,000 decisions in a day, I think it’s very important to be as intentional with our choices as possible. I had one of those intentional moments when I had to choose between sweat and Starbucks!

I had a break in my schedule and figured I could work out and then warm up from the recent cold weather with a coffee from Starbucks. Well, I got started later than planned with my work out that day, so I figured I could speed through my planned exercises and still get my treat. As I was working out, I realized that I would be compromising the quality of my work out if I rushed through it. This is when the defining moment came into play. I paused for about 60 seconds between exercises and contemplated sweat versus Starbucks. I thought about how important this work out was and new I couldn’t bail. I overcame my desire because my goals are more important to me than a cup of coffee. And you know what? I felt absolutely fantastic afterwards because I knew I had given 110% and made a positive decision for myself.

So how about you? When a tempting treat is offered to you do you throw away all of your clean eating and give in? Or if a friend invites you to lunch when you’re supposed to go to the gym, what is your decision? Whether or not it’s lunch or gym time, the key is that you make a conscious decision that is right for you. I think more times than not we just react, we don’t take a moment to think about the choices in front of us, and then we feel awful later on. What if we could develop the discipline to be actively making thoughtful choices most of time? How much better would our lives be? I bet we would see more results and also reach our goals quicker.

Take a moment to evaluate how you react to things. Come up with some type of ritual that will help you stop and deliberately decide the next time a tempting choice comes your way. Maybe it’s a mantra or an image of the healthy body you are working to develop. Whatever it is, go to that place when temptation comes your way. I love Starbucks just like everyone else, so along with you, I want to live with awareness and make positive choices to ensure I reach my goals. Are you in?

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~by Kimberly Olson

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