The Dorm Room Diet

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When I moved into the dorms my freshman year of college, I learned to stock up on pantry-ready items such as pop tarts, granola bars and trail mix. With these treats constantly available, the pounds quickly crept on. I went from a size four to a size 14 by spring break! If you have some weight to lose or want to avoid The Freshman Forty, check out The Dorm Room Diet.

As soon as possible, invest in a mini-fridge and a blender for your dorm room. And don’t fall victim to the excuse that you are a poor college student-I know how much is spent on partying, clothes and eating out. Think of these two purchases as an investment in your health and the physical shape of your body. You will be able to control what you eat and plan ahead by having your dorm stocked properly.

Now here is a loose structure of what The Dorm Room Diet looks like:

  • Smoothie: make this in your blender in your dorm and mix fruit, Greek yogurt, protein powder and desired liquid together
  • Snack: leftover smoothie, fruit, nuts, healthy granola bars, skinny cow cheese, Greek yogurt, hummus with veggies
  • Salad: lots of veggies, lean protein, lemon juice and/or olive oil for flavor (hold dressing or make sure it’s on the side)
  • Snack: leftover smoothie, fruit, nuts, healthy granola bars, skinny cow cheese, Greek yogurt, hummus with veggies
  • Cafeteria: choose whatever is the healthiest among veggies, lean protein and a small serving of starch (potatoes, rice, pasta)
  • Snack: light popcorn, almond butter & rice cakes, small smoothie, handful of nuts, pretzels with hummus

Obviously this is ideal, but even if you could get in the habit of having a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and snacking often, you would be setting the stage for success. Top this off with drinking plenty of water, exercising three days per week and getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep nightly, you’ll be the envy of your friends. You’ll be moving along much happier, healthier and more confident. They’ll be begging to know-what’s your secret? The Dorm Room Diet, of course!

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~by Kimberly Olson

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