The Ketogenic Diet

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By Raime Spence, Guest Blogger

Here I go again on yet another nutrition adventure and what would one of my journeys be without an informative article to accompany it? Recently my husband and I decided to embark on a high fat escapade full of grass fed butter, avocado, cheese and coconut oil. Now before you go loading up your cart with heavy cream because “Raime said so”, there’s a thing or two you need to know.
The Ketogenic Diet-for webFirst of all, what is a ketogenic diet and why should anyone eat a diet high in (healthy) fat? Originally the ketogenic diet was prescribed to young children and adults suffering from seizures. According to an online article from The Cochrane Library, it has been shown to reduce seizures by half. In clinical trials it was also shown to provide benefits for adult neurodegenerative disorders. As stated on, the ketogenic diet is a high fat, adequate protein, and low carbohydrate diet. These ratios put the body into a state of ketosis or “fat burning.” In a recent Muscle & Fitness magazine article, Mike Roussell, PhD explains, “Ketogenic diets are extremely effective for getting lean because you reset the body’s enzymatic machinery to use fat as its primary fuel source in the absence of carbohydrates.” Roussell goes on to explain what ketosis is- “a process in which your brain burns ketone bodies to avoid draining the protein stores in your muscles and instead uses energy from your fat stores.”
Now that we’ve covered what and why, I would like to give you a few tips and resources you can use to educate yourself further on ketosis. You see, not all fat is created equal so make sure you’re eating healthy fats not deep fried foods. Make sure your meat, cheese and dairy is all grass fed (when possible). The hubby and I usually start off our mornings with a bulletproof or butter coffee, as some know it. I highly recommend this delicious morning treat. I wrote an in depth article over Bulletproof coffee a few months ago but you can also find a great “how to” video on Dave Aspery is the creator of Bulletproof coffee and he has many informative youtube videos and pod casts. I also highly recommend that you heed the advice of Dominic D’Agostino, PhD. He has a web site, appears on pod casts and is very knowledgeable about the keto lifestyle. I have The Ketogenic Diet-Raime Spencefound many ketogenic recipes on and I purchased Dave Aspery’s new book that comes out in November. Along with my book came a few extras and among those was his ketogenic (Bulletproof) roadmap. It colorfully breaks down how much to eat, when to eat, and what to eat. He also sells this roadmap in poster form on his web site for around ten bucks.
Above all, do your research and make up your own mind about what’s right for your lifestyle and body. This isn’t for everyone. Always consult your physician before making any changes in your diet or nutrition habits. Until next time, eat clean, train mean and stay positive folks!

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