5 Foods to Avoid for Rapid Weight Loss

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5 Foods to Avoid for Rapid Weight LossIn my field of work in the fitness industry, there are usually two types of clients. The first is the client looking to lose weight-anywhere from ten to 100+ pounds. The second are those who want to tighten and tone, needing to lose less than ten pounds. Either client can avoid following these five foods to achieve their goals and even experience rapid weight loss.

Although the following foods can definitely be enjoyed in moderation, I opt to eliminate them or greatly minimize them if I’m in the fine-tuning stage of my nutrition and fitness program. For example, we made a very quick relocation from Houston to Austin, and I found my regular routine abruptly disrupted. Stepping on the scale revealed I had gained five pounds without even realizing it! By avoiding these five foods, I was able to get back on track right away. So here they are!

The first food to avoid is cheese. Now before you stop reading and swear me off, hear me out. Cheese is a hidden food source that makes otherwise healthy meals unhealthy and high in calories. Think about a salad-with the cheese added, the total calories have increased by 100-200.Or take a sandwich, for example. One slice of cheese will get your sandwich easily to the 500-700 calorie range. I find that frequent cheese-consuming clients are often constipated or irritable. By occasionally allowing cheese into your nutrition program, you will see the weight melt off.

The second food is dairy. I am referring to milk and yogurt, as they are usually termed nutritious. The slogan, “Milk does a body good,” is featured throughout schools across America. Well, a regular-sized glass of milk hits you for over 200 calories. If this is along side a meal, your meal is now over 600-700 calories. I love yogurt just like the rest of you, but at 200 calories per cup, I will eliminate this if I’m really trying to tone up.

5 Foods to Avoid for Rapid Weight LossNext, I eliminate grains from my diet. I know you’re thinking I’m really crazy at this point, but grains are extremely calorie dense and something we unconsciously over-consume. For example, a bowl of cereal is at least 300-500 calories, not counting the milk. One cup of pasta is 400 calories-how many of us only eat one cup of pasta? Eating bread two times per week is equivalent to a one pound weight gain in one week! Learn to make grains a treat and you will be blown away at the results.

This next one won’t be a huge surprise, but I have to include it-sweets! When we consume sweets, this triggers a vicious cycle of wanting more sweets. Cravings are at an all-time high, and the physiological effects are similar to heroine addictions. Try eliminating sweets for three days and watch the cravings disappear. If you have to have a treat, grab a piece of fruit.

Lastly, avoid alcohol. The main reason is that alcohol is not something you usually have one glass of. After two cocktails, your inhibitions go out the window and before you know it, you’ve consumed an additional 600-1000+ calories for the day! This absolutely sabotages your weight loss efforts. If you’d like to enjoy an occasional cocktail, knock yourself out. Just be aware of how many calories are in each serving.

When looking to lose weight or tone up, I tighten up my diet by avoiding these five foods. I strictly monitor my food intake and add in these treats when I have calories left over throughout the week. When you see your new rockin’ body, you won’t even miss them. I promise!

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~by Kimberly Olson


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