Fitness in Tandem

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Fitness in TandemThe benefits of being physically active go beyond keeping you fit and looking great. Physical activity lowers the risk of developing adverse health outcomes, and improves overall health and quality of life. Both men and women can undoubtedly benefit from physical activity, but its effects may vary due to gender difference.

When we talk about fitness among men and women, the lingering question that usually emerges is, “Are men really superior in physical fitness?” Regardless of sex, the answer to this question depends on an individual’s health, capacity and perhaps, training. Generally and scientifically speaking, men have some fitness advantages over women. Studies show that men can achieve their fitness target faster and easier than women mainly because of their inherent physical and biological make-up. So don’t be surprised if your man yields results faster, even if you are doing similar length and intensity of workouts. Men naturally have more muscle mass, as much as…Read More!

Posted in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine on June 10, 2014

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~by Kimberly Olson

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