Hobbies are Healthy

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By Raime Spence, Guest Blogger

Raime Spence            Recently the subject of hobbies has come up in several conversations with family and friends.  Everything from what we’ve always wanted to do since we were kids to new adult curiosities. I’m learning more and more the importance of personal hobbies and making time for you.

One of my conversations was with a dear friend of mine that has dedicated the past twenty plus years to raising three beautiful daughters and perusing her career. We were discussing the fact that her youngest is about to graduate and she will soon have an empty nest. The conversation quickly turned to all of the exciting things she has already begun to fill her time with. She has begun to explore her passions and find activities that bring joy to her heart. Through our many talks I have grown to develop such admiration for my friend. As a woman she represents so many phenomenal mothers out there that put their hobbies on the back burner to be room mom, award-winning dinnertime chef, math tutor and overall matriarch of the family. Most moms don’t even entertain the idea of hobbies considering it’s a laughable subject to have a shower in peace much less alone time to discover a hidden talent. Having hobbies are healthy as they allow us to express ourselves, learn more about who we are, and bring joy into our lives by allowing us to be free from obligation if only for a while.

The second story that truly hit home is that of my precious husband. While at dinner with friends he was asked, “What do you do?” to which he replied, “work” and the friend said, “No really, what do you do for a hobby?” Right then and there it hit him harder than ever that he has no hobbies because he has very minimal spare time beyond work. The good news is that my sweetheart was recently promoted to a different position and he will finally (after 8 yrs) be able to have some “him” time to explore his heart’s desires. I am so proud of him and couldn’t be happier to see him flourish both professionally and personally.

I have decided to practice what I’m preaching and I now have a few hobbies of my own. I currently take guitar lessons and absolutely love it. I played guitar back in high school and then stopped for several years. I decided its time to pick it up, knock off the dust and get lost in the music. My second “new love” is golf. I am officially addicted and working on my swing every chance I get. There’s just something about the adrenalin rush you get when you hit that bad boy clean off the tee. It doesn’t get much better than sun, beautiful greens, wildlife and fresh air.

The moral of the story is people from all walks of life and at every age seem to forget to have hobbies (or “happy” time as I sometimes call it). Taking up a hobby can help you get back to the place in your life where you make yourself a priority. Life gets a hold of us and we must make it our responsibility to set aside space in our lives for creativity. Hobbies are healthy for the mind, body and spirit so get out there and discover your stress reliever…your healthy hobby!

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~by Kimberly Olson

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