New Year Squat Challenge

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By Raime Spence, Guest Blogger

Raime Spence Squat ChallengeIt is 2015 and its time to shine, shine, shine! We shine the brightest when we feel healthy and have a positive self-image. What better way to welcome both into our lives this year than to do a squat challenge? I’m sure you have seen it on pinterest or online blogs but the real question is, have you actually ever done it? Whether you have or you haven’t we are going to do it together and I have the tools you need for success.

Although this might not be your favorite part of the challenge it is a very important part, before pictures. Put on spandex shorts  and a sports bra or a bathing suit and have someone take a picture of you from the front, sides and back. Making milestones is important and this is a great way for you to view the rewards of your hard work. In 30 days you will take another set of pictures to see how far you’ve come. You can also take measurements and your weight but the pictures and how your clothes fit as well as how you feel are the best markers of success, in my opinion.

Next up you need to find a time each day to complete your squats. Set an alarm on your phone that says “time to kick some butt” or “I am the squat champion” or “New Year, New Booty”. You get the point. Have fun with it and when that alarm goes off each day find joy knowing you are one day closer to the finish line and one-step closer a healthier body. Leave the negative energy at the door and only allow positivity to live inside your mind. I cannot stress that enough. It’s all about perspective and by choosing happiness throughout the challenge instead of an ‘I don’t wanna…’ or ‘I’ll do it later…’ attitude you will see much better results. The joy is in the journey so enjoy it. Maybe that’s the one time of day you jam out to your current favorite song or maybe that’s your quiet moment for the day? Either way that time and that activity are YOURS. It’s like a gift that you are giving your body. Hey legs, time to get toned and energized because I love ya! Trust me, your body will show its thanks in no time at all.

Next up is the challenge breakdown. It’s pretty easy, for 30 days you will add 5 squats daily (starting at 50 squats) and take a rest day every 4th day. Example: Day 1- 50 squats, Day2- 55 squats, Day 3- 60 squats, Day 4- Rest. Follow the example consecutively for 30 days and you should be up to 250 squats on the final day. How cool is that? I bet you didn’t think you would ever be able to do 250 squats in a day. YOU CAN and if you stick with the challenge you will be able to own those bragging rights and the self-satisfaction of being a total stud! If you would like a calendar print out for all 30 days there is one at . There is also a video below the calendar that demonstrates proper squat form in case you are unsure. If you are feeling extra wild and crazy you can add in the push-up challenge for some upper body toning. Example: Day 1- 15 pushups, Day 2- 16 pushups, and so on and so on adding 1 push up each day for 30 days. Your rest day will be every 8th day. Once again there is a calendar and a video at the web site mentioned above. Just search push up challenge once you are on the page. Always remember that everything can be mortified. Push-ups can be done on the wall and squats can be done shallow instead of deep until you work your way up. Don’t let fear or excuses get in the way of your success with this challenge. Take your photos, set an alarm on your phone and take the first step to a fitness filled 2015!

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