FitKim’s Favorite Protein Powders!

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Are you looking for plant-based protein powders that actually taste good? Check out my review of the best ones around!

Sun Warrior Protein Powder

Genesis Today Trim Protein

Perfect Fit Protein Powder

NutraSumma Protein Powder

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~by Kimberly Olson

3 thoughts on “FitKim’s Favorite Protein Powders!

  1. Ohhh, sorry I am just seeing this-thank you SO much!! You just made my day:) Make sure you sign up for my newsletter as I am going to start doing more speaking events soon!

  2. hey kim! You came and talked to me and some of my friends at Whole Food this week (Thursday I think) Your talk really motivated me to start eating healthier. So much so, my mom and I stayed after the talk at Whole Foods to buy some real WHOLE FOODS for a more healthy eating plan. Instead of having waffles every morning, now some morning I am having yogurt and granola. I just wanted to thank for coming to talk to me and my friends. I really appreciate it and I already feel so much better about myself and so much healthier!!!

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