The Sweet Revenge

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<a href=”//”><img title=”The Sweet Revenge” alt=”” src=”//” width=”358″ height=”240″ /></a>                While staying at a hotel recently on business travel, I witnessed the most bizarre scenario in the lobby.  A pizza delivery guy was waiting for a hotel guest to come down to retrieve their order, and the Front Desk staff asked him if he wanted a cookie while he was waiting.  He said, “No, thanks,” softly, and that should have been the end of it.  But it wasn’t.  The two staff members egged him on to eat it saying it was delicious, warm, yummy, etc.  I felt really bad for him but was happy to hear he continued to decline.  I wonder how many of us would have said, “Well, okay…”

What that pizza delivery guy did is what I call the sweet revenge.  He stood firmly in his decision and did not let peer pressure let him crumble.  Think back to when you were in high school.  If someone tried to convince you to cheat on a test or skip a class, you were taught not to give in.  It’s the same thing as an adult.  The workplace and social times with friends is full of similar scenarios.  Whether it be an office donut, dessert with lunch or another cocktail, we are constantly bombarded with encouragement to make bad food choices that we don’t really want to.  It’s one thing to really want it, but if you don’t and you still eat/drink it, it’s such a disappointment.

Think about it.  What if that pizza guy (or your office mate, etc.) woke up that morning and decided he was finally going to change his life.  He was sick of being overweight and not having energy.  He wanted to live a long and healthy life, and feel good about the way he looked.  Could that be the situation with your coworker?  Or friend?  Or…you?

Whoever it is, we need to work together to support each other.  We DO NOT need to encourage each other to make poor eating decisions or to skip a workout.  We need to lift each other up and make the other better.  This is truly the sweet revenge.  What we’re talking about is taking what our current society finds acceptable and throwing it out the window.  We’re saying we’ve had enough and we are no longer standing for it.

What’s your sweet revenge?  Is it bringing healthy food to work to make sure you’re not drawn to fast food for lunch?  Is it having dark chocolate in your desk drawer so you don’t wonder over to the vending machine mid-afternoon?  I hope that your sweet revenge not only helps you live a healthier life, but also the people around you.  Now that’s what I call super sweet!

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~by Kimberly Olson

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