Water Anyone?

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By Raime Spence, Guest Blogger

There may be more than just plain water quenching your thirst these days. When you fill a pot of water to cook at home are you boiling asbestos with those noodles? When you dine out do you make sure to ask the waiter to hold the arsenic? Well you should! I am not joking around-there is a possibility of over 60,000 contaminants in our drinking water and the EPA has limits on a less than 100. So what is a conscience consumer to do? Become a water detective and ensure that your body is free of the following harmful chemicals:

  • Nitrates and Nitrites- may cause serious illness in infants and if untreated can result in death. Both are harmful to small animals. These are caused by fertilizer runoff, leaking septic tanks, and sewage.
  • Chlorite- may cause anemia; affects the nervous system of infants and young children. This is a byproduct of drinking water disinfection.
  • Haloacetic Acid (HAA5)- may cause increased risk of cancer. This is a byproduct of drinking water disinfection.
  • Arsenic- may cause circulatory issues and increased risk of cancer. Caused by runoff from glass and electronics production waste.


  • Lead- may cause delay in metal and physical development in children and infants; may also cause learning disabilities. Kidney problems and high blood pressure have been found in adults. Caused by the corrosion of plumbing systems.
  • Cyanide- may cause nerve damage or thyroid problems. Caused from steel/metal factories, plastic factories and fertilizer factories.
  • Asbestos- may cause increased risk of benign intestinal polyps. Caused by the decay of asbestos cement in water mains.

Before you walk away from reading this feeling angry, frustrated and helpless please know that there is hope. Yes, the water supply today is tainted but there are options out there. Nothing is ever going to get rid of every last contaminant but we can get pretty darn close! First, when buying bottled water look for glass bottles and make sure it is spring or artisan water. These generally have the purest content and are of superior quality. I say get glass bottles when possible because there are many chemicals in plastic including BPA (that’s a topic to be tackled all on its own!). Next, get a filtration system for your house. It is a great investment for the health and well-being of your family and will increase the value of your home. There are several options and brands available. Reverse osmosis is one of the most popular and can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

If you live in an area with a high fluoride content in the water it is best to only use spring water. Also, do some research and see if there are any home delivery services for drinking water in your area. Mountain Valley Spring Water is a great option and they use glass containers. Another neat fact about this company is that they test everything that comes into contact with their water daily. There are many ways to change the way we live to provide healthier options for our families. These are just a few. If the cities, states, and federal government cannot provide us with the quality drinking water we deserve then it’s our responsibility to seek out alternatives. One day at a time!

Raime Spence can be contacted at Raimester@aol.com for more information.

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