Bouncing Back

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Whether it be post-baby, post-vacation or post-my-life-got-crazy, bouncing back into the good habits you had going before can be very difficult. This is often why people go months or even years without working out even though they’d been regularly hitting the gym for a good stretch of time. With the birth of Addison recently, I’ve experienced this in a very real way and want to share what has helped me start to bounce back.

FitKim 3 Weeks after Baby-for webThe most important thing is to be patient with yourself and realize it is going to take time to get back to where you were before. This is the number one reason why I think people give up when trying to get back into the swing of things. When I did my very first workout two weeks after delivery, I could barely hold a plank. I thought about how I had led the U.S. Army here in Austin through a workout last summer (two grown men threw up during it-it was tough!) and how I had lost all that strength I had worked so hard to achieve. It was a very disheartening and frustrating moment until I was able to snap out of it and meet myself where I was at. I had just had a baby, for Pete’s sake!

So I decided to start with what I could do and build off of that. I had done Spin through my entire pregnancy so that was easy to pick back up. I hadn’t run in a few months so I started with a really slow mile and just tried to go a little farther each time. And probably the hardest thing to pick back up was the strength training. I made the mistake of trying to throw some kettlebells around too soon and then hurt my back a little, so I put them away and just started with some body weight workouts. Before I knew it, I was gaining confidence in my ability to rebuild my strength and get my body back.

I share this with you because I know we all have situations arise where we do fall off the wagon, and for some reason, it is so hard to start back up once we’ve stopped. But if we can be realistic about where we’re at and have some patience, we can bounce back. And who knows, maybe we can build an even better version of ourselves.

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