Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

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We are all looking for ways to improve our health and incorporate simple lifestyle changes that will have a beneficial impact on our health. So you may have always wondered, is the old adage of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” really true? Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about apples to see if this old wives’ tale really holds up.

First, it’s noteworthy to find various apples repeatedly making the list of the USDA’s top antioxidant-rich foods. The ORAC value basically determines how effective the food is at counteracting free radical damage to the body, which is something we’re all susceptible every day, all day long.


Next, check out the power of the peel. I was recently asked to write a blog post on nutrients found in the peel of foods, and apples topped the list. The peel contains vitamins such as A, C and K as well as minerals calcium, potassium and phosphorus. In addition, apples are naturally high in the valuable fibers of both insoluble and soluble, and about two-thirds of that comes from the peel.

And my favorite thing about apples is how it can help curb the appetite. In a recent study, consuming an apple before meals reduced calorie consumption by 15%. I believe this is from a combination of the fiber and the pectin found in the seeds. Pectin is known to expand in the stomach and help you feel full quicker.

Since apples continue to top the Dirty Dozen list, which is the produce that has the highest pesticide load, I only recommend organic apples. I eat one every day, but you can also try my homemade applesauce recipe!

Homemade Cinnamon Applesauce
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~by Kimberly Olson

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